Nigel Farage could put “Brexit” to peril

Brexit Party leader faces accusation of wanting to create a hung parliament.

“He is the man who is risking his name to become the one who made Brexit a failure”.  The most senior Tory backbencher has launched the bitterest attack on Nigel Farage, as this Brexit party leader prepares to disclose the names of his 6oo candidates today, for election.

He was also bitterly accused by Mr. Steve Baker, the Chairman of the European Research Group, of trying to set out a weak hung parliament, which does not have any power to take any decision on national matters. It was informed by Mr. Harry Yorke, the Political Correspondent that he has learnt from senior figures in Mr. Farage’s own party that they are all concerned of Mr. Farage going on the wrong track.

This came after the US President, Mr. Donald Trump, urged last night Mr.Farage and Mr. Boris Johnson to come together, to protect the prospects of better and expanded US UK trade relation, after Britain leaves the European Union.

The Prime Minister has also been accused of being complacent, after the emergence of the news that he spent the whole weekend in the New Forest, with his girl friend. And it was just a few days before the official commencement of the election campaign.

In the mean time, the MPs are preparing to choose the successor of John Bercow, in the first Speaker election that is being held today, in more than a decade. Chris Bryant, the formal Labour Minister has won the surprise backing of Michael Gove and other Government Ministers, in his move of encouraging MPs to put off their mobile phones in the chamber. The candidate bidding to take on the role and the process to choose a winner will be run by the Chief Political Correspondent, Christopher Hope.

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